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Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here to worship the gods at the altar of heavy metal. HIGH PRIEST have come forth from Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America to brighten your days with a message of hope and doom, one that is hammered into metal, stone and rock to assume the shape of their debut album "Invocation". HIGH PRIEST have taken the prophecies of the elders to their hearts. Their glorious harmonies and melodies bear the catchy mark of THIN LIZZY. There is dark heaviness foretold by BLACK SABBATH and renewed by ELECTRIC WIZARD, and even a touch of METALLICA’s more classic riffs. From the scriptures of grunge comes an emotional force that has been received through prayers directed at ALICE IN CHAINS. All of this is set forth in a new testament of blues-laden guitar-riffs and soulful vocals. With the friends playing together in various bands and line-ups since their youth, HIGH PRIEST came into being with a clear vision in mind. While watching an ELECTRIC WIZARD show in 2015, they spontaneously and simultaneously concluded that they wanted to play doom and old school metal from that day on (all while transfixed by the performance and having to shout their agreement over the din of the PA). Their first public declaration of the metal gospel was the 2016 EP "Consecration", which got HIGH PRIEST much attention throughout the doom and stoner metal scene as well as a record deal with Magnetic Eye, which led to the release of second EP "Sanctum" in 2019. And now the time has come to rejoice: HIGH PRIEST deliver their eagerly anticipated debut full-length, and "Invocation" doesn't just live up to what the two EPs promised, but will carry you straight to the heavens on a chariot of fiery riffs. Amen!

1. Invocation
2. Divinity
3. Ceremony
4. Cosmic Key
5. Down in the Dark
6. Universe
7. Conjure
8. Heaven

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