PSYCHLONA's fourth album "Warped Vision" is an exemplary exercise of practised veterans creating a masterpiece. The album's foundations are laid down by riff-focused heaviness and breakouts combined with a multitude of chilled vibes. What makes "Warped Vision" stick out from a host of similar recordings is the precision with which each hook hits home and sticks, a dynamic balance of rough edges and catchy melodies. The city of Bradford in West Yorkshire is neither particularly arid nor situated in a hot climate. But although hailing from the former industrial heartlands of rainy Northern England, PSYCHLONA have developed a particularly British brand of desert rock. Some hot summer days in 2016 inspired local musicians to fry up some sonic ideas from sunny California of decades past and to blend in the raw energy of UK punk, a dash of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and spoonfuls of classic English 60s and 70s psychedelia. When the experiment exceeded their own expectations, PSYCHLONA were born. In November 2018, when English towns turn bleak and cold, their sun-drenched debut album "Mojo Rising" made ears prick up and set them firmly on the path for the prolific following years. The hardworking Englishmen released their sophomore full-length "Venus Skytrip" in August 2020, an album received with rave reviews across the heavy rock underground and which landed PSYCHLONA their first number one on the Doom Charts. It also reserved them spots high up on several important end-of-year lists. Gathering momentum, the British stoner rockers unveiled their third album "Palo Verde" two years later in August 2022 and immediately scored a second 10/10 review in Powerplay Magazine UK. Now, PSYCHLONA are ready to take the next big step. Welcoming two new members aboard the band has added a new dynamic both in writing and recording. The gentle alterations brought about by their fresh input has turned "Warped Vision" into what is clearly the most complete and thrilling album of the psychedelic desert rockers so far. With "Warped Vision", PSYCHLONA have hit the jackpot, and they are generously offering up rounds for everyone. Cheers!

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